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My Little Brother's New $750 4K Gaming PC!

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You looking for the fastest $700-$750 Gaming PC you build? Then look no further than my brother's new $750 Gaming PC designed for 4K Gaming! This PC has the brawn and the looks to handle 4K games such as PUBG, Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch, and more while staying in an affordable price range! Parts list is below.

$750 4K Gaming PC Parts:
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CA :
DE :
UK :
CA :
DE :
UK :
CA : ( Version A, no E available )
DE :
UK :
CA : ( 2x4 - 2400MHZ )
DE : ( 2x4 - 2400MHZ )
UK :
CA :
DE :
UK : ( RGB )
CA :
DE : ( RGB )
Used off of ebay


Hello and welcome to the escarole Channel today I like to show you my little brother's new $750 budget 4k gaming PC you it's always been a dream of mine to make an affordable gaming PC that can run 4k games and a high frame rate since four years ago that same dream would have.

Been possible but only with a monster' Extreme Edition i7 for my sli gtx titan black and 6040 to go buy some Ram gaming PC that would have costed you $20,000 thankfully due to technological advances it looks like you can now build a budget gaming PC that can gaming 4k but for how much however the main highlight of this budget $750 gaming PC is that it has a purpose which is that it was made for my.

Little brother who wanted to get a replacement gaming PC for his older slower one and who also wanted to get into 4k gaming since so he could gorgeous eyes out playing out Dark Souls and forza at a very high resolution so big shout out to my little brother for letting me toy a round with this new gaming PC which let me just say for the record if you're not a big brother of a.

Little brother you don't know how hard it is to let your little brother allow you to use his brand-new gaming PC now on to the gaming PC and what's inside of it which first let me begin with my list of requests that my little brother wanted me to have in his new $750 budget 4k gaming PC number one and most importantly he wanted to be able to run GTA 5 at 4k 60 frames per second.

Annoying him that was a pretty big one number two he wanted to look cool enough at LAN parties to impress his friends understandable and lastly his budget was $800 or less and yes those were the exact goals that he had in mind for his new gaming PC with those goals in mind what is inside this budget for case $750 gaming PC.

First for the processor I chose the AMD Rison 1500 X for 175 dollars this is a quad-core processor based off he devised an architecture and can turbo boost up to 3.7 gigahertz my little brother is just going to be doing gaming on his gaming PC so he doesn't need any more than 4 cores but he did tell me that a high clock speed would be appreciated quite frankly rice and CPUs right now.

Have more value than their coffee leg counterpart chips and even though the CPU can't overclocked to 5.0 gigahertz unlike hits direct rival the AP 50k at least doesn't have a backdoor breech that can completely compromise your system at least for the rest of the parts for the motherboard I happy gigabyte g8 8350 ATX motherboard a very stylish black and red looking.

Motherboard which I purchased for $70 and he gets the job done for the RAM I have a stylish single acre by ddr4 state of G scale Aegis Ram right in a 2003 megahertz for ninety bucks for the case I chose the beautiful van Tex Eclipse p400 tempered glass ATX mid tower in black and red for 60 bucks and lastly the Thermaltake smart 600 watt 80 plus bronze power supply for $45 finally for.

The graphics card which is the most interesting part of this build me my little brother were able to snatch up a used NVIDIA GTX 980 for $260 off of ebay before the holiday season my opinion going with a used on 80 was a very smart choice since brand new graphics card prices have been steadily rising combined with those extremely valuable pre holiday season deals on most used.

Computer parts since a lot of people usually sell their parts for cheap before the holidays so they can afford other things like adding more rx5 80s for their mining rigs the decision also to go with a used 980 over a new gtx 1060 was tough as well since they were around the same price but my brother wanted to game at 4k and the 980 offered 4 gigabytes of ear.

Over the 10 60 is 3 gigabytes of DM for about the same price which is beneficial towards high resolution gaming and plus the 980 is overall a faster car than the 1060 with 3 gigabytes of vram for 4k gaming on top of that and finishing things up for these storage I won with a $45 Western Digital blue one terabyte hard drive in the end this budget 4k gaming PC build totals to 745 dollars.

Which was the price the B got providing all the parts from November to December of last year so thankfully the price has stayed the same since then so the specie has the looks it has the Brawn but can run crisis or I mean can run 4k so what I meant to say for that I got an array of games including some games my little brother specifically.

Wanted to run on his brand-new gaming PC at 3840 by 2160 the last thing to note is that since the GTX 980 is such a great overclocking graphics card overclock that bad boy - 8 + 200 megahertz core clock speed and a + 350 megahertz memory clock speed which greatly helped out the benchmark scores you're about to see now the further ado let's get into the benchmarks.

for $750 not bad I mean for real I think this PC did a very good job for its value now for those of you watching this video debating if you should get this gaming PC and you know you're not gonna be.

Upgrading that 1080p or 1440p monitor that you're currently watching this video on then completely ignore this system it's too damn fast for 1080p or 1440p as you'll see later on in the video just to remind you guys all these benchmarks were done at 3840 by 2160 and if I tested this gaming PC at 1080p say it its worst performing game which in this case was pup G then the average.

Frame rate is substantially higher completely maxed out at 1080p so don't call this game PC slow because it's not so what's this budget 4k gaming PC for $750 a success in my opinion in hit the mark for a 4k capable gaming PC the popular PC games that tested were perfectly playable at medium to high settings around the 50 FPS range excluding pub G now it's my brother I'm.

Sorry that I couldn't get this PC to 60 frames per second at 4k in GTA 5 without completely bunking the settings but I have an argument to that SLI that doesn't matter I'm gonna sound funny when I say this but this PC made 50 frames per second feel like the new 60 frames per second it was that smooth in my super budget pcs like bolts 50 frames per second didn't feel smooth and at.

Times had noticeable lag because of the low-end parts but this PC here zero issues I promise you no matter the frame rate this PC run games smoothly pub G the worst-performing game on this PC as you can see here as record a gameplay of it at 30 and 40 by 2160 is lag 3 at 30 frames per second anyways thanks to sticking it to the end of the video and for that I've got a real treat for you.

On the scatter bolt discord server I'm hosting a game day that's gonna be going down at 12 p.m. PST every single Saturday where you can play with me and other members of the server on games such as csgo GTA 5 Garry's Mod and maybe even a pub G's custom server if we get that going so this race is going in my youtube channel so I'm freaking coming free mail.

my first PC was like somewhat quirky duo like he's like I'm the owner of the channel I take all with me so a link to join these scatter ball discord server will be linked below and as always be sure to LIKE favorite subscribe and all that and this is the Scoville channel signing out


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