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Flash to the Past Ep3 : OG Swissgewehr from Unturned 2.0!

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Hey guys, decided to bring back this series. It’s wowing to think it’s been over 4 months since I did an episode. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more!
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Hey guys what's up it's stable back here with another video and in today's video we're gonna be checking out some really cool stuff and unturned looking at some of the old unturned 2.0 weapons and comparing them to their counterparts and unturned 3.0 it's gonna be really cool because you can check out their models or animations your fire rates all that different stuff and see how Nelson.

Improved on them from 2.0 to 3.0 and we're gonna be focusing on the p90 or the peacemaker and the Swiss covere so without any further ado let's hop right into it alrighty guys here we are with the p90 something really cool to know right off the bat it's the old p90 is a lot larger than the new PMD it's also a lot thicker if you kind of look at it like that way.

I like it that way a little bit I guess it's a lot thicker yeah you can see right here also the mag is in a different position on the old one the mag detail and the new one it feels a lot more detailed even though it's still extremely basic I just liked the color scheme of the mag a little bit better than anyone as well as like the holding spots with the hands a little bit more.

Well-defined he didn't really change that much about it however yeah it's just overall smaller I think I'd like the iron sight better and newer ones just a little bit crisper than the old one ones whereas the old one isn't really that different so yeah and the new one he has the iron say how they usually are with the site and then a little dot and this one it just has a.

Little dot in the iron site so yeah let's just go ahead and try them out should be pretty cool huh so we have this one the pro 90 as it was called and we have the ammo for it we're just gonna pop that into our primary slot and we have the unturned one and let's just check out the differences by the way quick shout out we are on the Ireland map right now in single-player if you.

Don't put them up it's super cool they even have this like amazing bunker system down here which is like super dense and it's amazing so check it out it's worth your time violence back to the pro 90 the peacemaker obviously we all know it sounds like an stuff it's just really basic like well now if we take the PDW or the pro 90 it has a PDW neck I'm.

Listen to it I'm pretty sure if it sounds aren't gonna work for these guns I'm not sure exactly i think i haven't played 2.0 recently so I can't remember if that's just the Colt noise in 3.0 or if that's actually what it sounded like and to point out cuz they might have just taken a Colt noise and giving it to the gun when they brought it three point out we're gonna sound Bozak I don't even.

See him anyways honey to see him what the heck so you have I think a little bit slower it's definitely slower fire rate that's that before like that's a lot bigger taking up a lot of your screen so kind of like all your face and stuff where is the other ones more distance and you can kind of see the detail on this one it's just kind of a block where's this one.

Actually has like holes and substance and grooves so yeah there's definitely more detailing 3.0 3.1 it's still really blocky it's still really basic well there's definitely some more details so I think that's cool I also think it's cool to be able just look at this gun and actually have that old 2.0 blocky like this chunk of a gun I feel just like nostalgia for anyone who actually.

Played 2.0 but yeah that is the p90 I actually don't really have much to talk about it's super cool in my opinion the fact that they just have this over here I know you can just play in 3.0 with it so yeah good job I guess I'm also the bear the barrel is so long and this one dude like why why's it got to be humongous enormous or something it's just like way.

Too long anyways that is the p90 let's move on to the Swiss Kabir check it out boys next up is the Swiss Kabir we ran off with that you can tell some differences the new one looks a lot more detailed or it's the old one just kind of looks like a saber-tooth with green with that bump stock on the bottom and the back honestly I can kind of tell where she.

Was coming from but there's just so much to changed and yeah this was like this was like a new weapon it wasn't like really that much of it like 3.0 weapon it was like a Late Late Late Late 3.0 gun it wasn't really knew when 3.0 came out so there's obviously a lot more development Nelson has done when he was making the game when he got a lot better so the time span between.

These two and the previous two like the p90 s is a lot larger like there's so much more time that passed between these two and the other two but you can definitely tell like just look at this one this one yeah it just reminds me of the saber-tooth that's all reminds me don't be 3.0 Sabretooth that's a little thing right there to the site just like the pro 90 I'm pretty sure that's just a.

Sight for all of them nothing like the mod and then the barrel of course not that much bigger they both take military ammo in the 3.0 version of the 2.0 one yeah I mean there's nothing a lot more detail I like this one a lot better than 2.0 one but it's still really nice to have a nostalgia effect and like be able to use these basic weapons even though they are basics just to be able to use.

Them but it's like a adds like another it adds more value to the experience of like playing the game and stuff but let's stop talking about what they look like and that's actually test them out so we have this whiskey beer I just got to go in that slot all right and then this one too and we'll try each one and see what they sound like so here is this one that's what it.

Sounds like pretty normal right pretty normal and then you have Blue Point on one and it's what it sounds like so obviously a much more developed noise obviously Nelson has had a lot more experience with noises between the two guns and they don't want to make deeper throaty earn better noises just like this sounds like a really good quality whereas this is.

Just more like oh yeah I'm using like an online gun hat of sounds or gun sounds pack or something you know like it sounds really basic it sounds like a pistol you know but I mean it is what it is and it's really nice to do it to use this I also do both something on that so you can't really say fire rate but let's go of course just regular scope it's not really a.

Special sound like specific to Swiss Scooby but they also have the whole idea of like the size it takes up in your screen like when you saw the p90 this one it was like huge hues in your screen and there's this that says you know it's pretty decent normal 3.0 weapon and then when you look at Swiss career it's also pretty decent zip is small looks kind of like a SMG from the viewpoint that.

You're holding it at it's really really blocky but I mean from cue point no dude no not much you can do there um yeah I just I think that's really neat like a little flash so I asked you to check out these weapons it's really really cool I think that's awesome but yeah there's not really myself to go over other than that so yeah I mean I hope you guys enjoyed checking out Indy.

2.0 weapons okay I've dropped them didn't know the two point on the 2.0 weapons and be able to check them out compared to the 3.0 counterparts and I hope you guys yeah I hope you guys check it out in single-player I'll and put them on think in the description and if you guys like these videos comment down below so I can know and I'll do some more in the future for flex to the.

Past um but without any further ado thank you all for watching make sure to join the reform discourse check out our rust and unturned servers it's pretty popular they're doing pretty good to have a pretty good survival experience there I would say compared to most vanilla service with admin abuse so check those out the link with discord will be in the.

Description hit that like button smash or smash that like button hit that subscribe button for more videos and I'll see you guys in the next video civil out


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