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Galaxy S8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 5! - Speed Test!

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Hi there, welcome to this Galaxy S8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 Speed Test Comparison video. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has a 6.2 inch QHD Display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 cpu, and 4GB of ram. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a 5.7 inch Quad HD Amoled Display, with a Exynos 7420 CPU, and 4GB of ram. Both devices are running android version 7.0 nougat. Share your thoughts and your feedback down below in the comment section of this video and as always thank you for watching much appreciation and gratitude :)
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Samsung Galaxy sa plus vs. samsung galaxy note5 speedtest coming up right now let's go so what is up guys this is Nick here from everything tech help you to master your technology and welcome to the samsung galaxy s 8 plus vs. the samsung galaxy note 5 here now if you look closely both of these devices are about the same height but the galaxy si plus packs in a 6.2 inch screen whereas.

The note packs in a 5.7 inch screen so I got a plug Samsung for how far they have come in terms of the design here this is our huge leap forward in design for Samsung if you ask me overall though both devices filled extremely premium if you ask me which one felt like it was a little bit more money it would be the SI plus but the note 5 doesn't feel like no cheap phone it's a very premium gadget.

So let's go ahead and boot these guys up at the same time in three two one now I have both 18 T Edition phones here so both our AT&T models but finally 18 t dropped the logo from the samsung galaxy s 8 plus here and you can see I think the galaxy s 8 plus will win this boot up here both are running Android 7.0 noget but the s 8 plus does have a snapdragon 835 CPU whereas this has an X.

You nose 7420 CPU si plus does boot on first and the Galaxy Note 5 should come right behind it so not too bad there for the samsung galaxy note 5 this has a you know 4 gigs of ram and this also has 4 gigs of ram all right guys so before we actually open the applications up let's go into settings and confirm that both of these devices are running Android version 7.0 nukid you can see right.

There so this is definitely an even comparison in terms of the software both rockin 4 gigs of RAM like I said earlier and both have 2k screens here over 500 pixels per inch on both devices here so the note 5 was pretty well future-proof so you see I do have high performance there on the galaxy note 5 and I'm gonna go ahead and turn on high performance mode here for the samsung galaxy s a.

Plus so let's make sure everything is closed out here on both devices and I you have the same applications lined up let's begin with a peek now none of these applications our system apps these are all third-party so you see the no.5 slightly ahead they're coming home here and this was my favorite Samsung all time and it still might be I'm not sure if the si+ has taken the crown over the.

Note 5 for me just yet still using it let's go into Instagram and you can see the si+ looks so I've taken that one there let's come home here let's go into Play Store and you can see Play Store does win therefore the si+ coming home here about the same coming home let's go into Strava and Strava look so it took the win therefore the galaxy s 8 plus coming home here let's go into.

Amazon on both devices and you can see amazon wins therefore the SI plus so the SI plus does not look like a faster phone so far regardless of the fact that the samsung galaxy note 5 does have an xml ship it is an older smartphone going into ebay you can see that the SI plus takes that one and coming home here let's go into twitter so i'm twitter it looks like the samsung galaxy s 8.

Plus is going to win that one it looks like i have the rounded corners app on as well on the galaxy note 5 let's go into YouTube and you could see YouTube does win therefore the si plus so nice stuff there for the si plus definitely looks like an improvement in terms of speed over your Galaxy Note 5 but the note 5 did win there on the camera coming home here let's go into Best Buy.

And you can see Best Buy does take the win there on the samsung galaxy note 5 so actually it's not too much of an improvement in terms of speed so if you got a note 5 and you're thinking about upgrading to the s8 plus you're not going to be jumping a lot in the speed department just a slight bit here especially seeing that new get actually made my note 5 a little bit quicker let.

Me go into Google and you can see Google search opens their first on the note 5 and come in here let's go into Wikipedia and it looks like about the same there may be slightly to the si plus coming home here let's go into internet and under internet you can see the note 5 is ready to go first and now is the Samsung Galaxy s8 plus let's go to Apple calm here Apple came here for the note 5 and.

Let's hit go and you should see Apple does load first there on the galaxy s 8 plus let's go into samsung comm here for the samsung galaxy s a plus and let's go there on the note 5 and let's hit go and you can see it looks like we have a winner here on the galaxy s 8 plus so the SI plus looking like it's a better Samsung internet browsing experience but only slightly like I say this is this is.

Very minor so the note 5 still definitely a champ in 2017 in terms of performance so those of you watching this video like I'm thinking about picking up the note 5 you're going to be very happy with the performance on the galaxy note 5 even here in 2017 let's go into speed test and you can see speed test does open first here for which phone which phone.

Is going to get it Galaxy Note Prize coming home here let's go into Snapseed and it looks like about the same they're coming home here let's go into settings and you could see dead even on the settings coming home here let's go on over and you can see with the you know 7.0 new get on the note the software experience is actually about the same on both devices not very different at all.

And I would expect you to see even more si features come to your Samsung devices going forward here in the future coming home here let's go into Temple Run now this is not a gaming test so if you want a gaming test between these two be sure to comment that down below I throw it in the schedule if you guys want to see a gaming test between these two but you've seen gaming performance on this temple.

Run application about the same let's go into subway surfers we're not going to load anything graphically intensive unless we do a general gaming test you can see a little bit cut off there because of the full aspect ratio display developers have been enabled the games to work properly with all displays yet and you can see the note 5 was slower to load the subway surfers alright guys now.

That we opened all of the applications let's go ahead and run ourselves a multitasking test here or we're going to go through all these applications to see which one holds the applications better in RAM let's go into epi geek on both devices about the same there for both devices coming home to go on Instagram galaxy si+ is going to get that one coming home.

Here let's go into Play Store look like the si+ slightly coming home here let's go into Strava and you see looked about the same again both are not doing very strong here and multitasking you could see I say plus on that one coming home here go on eBay and the note has to close the app so it looks like the SI plus is winning that one too let's go into Twitter and both have to reload so.

That's definitely disappointing here I'm multitasking in terms of you know opening those application because we've seen in the past year my note 5 actually did better at multitasking on Android marshmallow so that's a little bit sad to see for the new cat update coming on here let's go into camera and you can see the note 5 definitely faster on the camera and actually the note 5s camera.

Is about the same quality in my personal opinion as the galaxy s 8 plus yeah the si plus is a little bit better and focusing speeds and stuff like that but if you took a nice quality picture setting up on a tripod they know 5 and si plus are neck-and-neck pretty much in terms of quality most people don't see a difference let's go into Best Buy and you can see Best Buy does look about.

The same on both coming home here let's going to play a newsstand and it looks like it's going to be the same across the board both devices have could pretty much reload everything with the SI reloading them a little bit quicker then at the note 5 here let's do that again and one more time and you can see let's go into browsers you can see both with the reload again coming home here let's.

Go into speed test and maybe this is the new get update maybe the Samsung just needs to push out a software update or something with the Samsung devices on nougat having multitasking issues it looks like coming into settings settings over here on the note 5 pretty much the same on both there let's go into Ober and you can see over about the same let's go into tempo run both with the.

Reload again there so definitely I think the s8 has slightly better performance than the no.5 but just slightly here while we are testing the Samsung Galaxy S 8 plus in the galaxy no.5 let's go ahead and run a fingerprint scanner test here so with the Alex ESA plus all you have to do is simply rest where you have to press the button here for the note 5 which makes.

The Galaxy s8 plus and s8 experience for fingerprint scanner a little bit faster here now if you actually have the fingerprint ready to go here on the note 5 and then you press it on the si plus it's about the same they're just slightly faster even with the screen already unlocked for the note 5 here so definitely an upgrade in fingerprint scanner for the galaxy s 8 plus in terms.

Of the speed but it is up at the top actually haven't found this to be too much of an issue I think it's overblown in the media you will adjust and you will adapt to that fingerprint scanner being up at the top it's only going to take you about a week or so and you will adapt to where it's at so that you can put that rumor to rest or that problem you could say to rest with that.

Fingerprint scanner being up high I don't think it's that much of a problem at all I mean that's where we would rest our finger here for our heart rate monitors anyway in the past so who is the winner here between the Samsung Galaxy s8 plus in the galaxy note 5 well it's clear that the galaxy s 8 plus is a newer smartphone and it is slightly faster however if you got a samsung.

Galaxy note 5 I don't think this upgrade is going to blow you away in terms of performance where it will blow you away is that you know the screen is a huge upgrade over the note 5 in terms of its design philosophy now in terms of its actual quality this is also pushing 2k Super AMOLED HD so the resolution in punchiness vibrancy of colors you know the note 5 is right up there with the s8.

The specialty feature you get with the note 5 and pretty much one that makes note users stay on their notes until we can upgrade without having our phones explode is the S Pen functionality a lot of people will say this is gimmick to creative people out there this is definitely not a gimmick if you ask me here so definitely a great feature here for the note 5 with this S Pen and a.

Reason why I will be upgrading more than likely to the Galaxy Note 8 that comes out later this year here now for the galaxy s 8 plus and s 8 you do get the edge panel features I haven't disabled right now but it can go right right to left and it offers a lot of similar features as the s-pen on the edge panels but you know what yet to the side are you a writer or do you just.

Want the edge functionality here with the Samsung Galaxy s8 series but overall the winner here is a slight win in my opinion to the galaxy s 8 plus when we're talking about speed I will be doing it should you buy a Galaxy S 8 plus over the note 5 type of video later this year or coming soon here and I'm also going to be pitting the si plus vs. the Samsung Galaxy s7 so you might want.

To stay tuned for that anyway this is Nick here happy to master your technology Samsung Galaxy S II Plus vs. no 5 which one is your winner comment that down below in the comment section of this video hit the like button for me if you enjoyed it I will catch you all in the next one and pay



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