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Five Keys Re-Branding – School of Graphic Design

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Five Keys operates accredited charter schools and programs for transitional-aged youth and adults at 70 locations across California. Students from the Academy of Art University’s School of Graphic Design made a real impact with a logo re-design for this non-profit. Student Celina Oh took the logo even further by participating in an internship to help the non-profit integrate their new branding.
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well five keys when it we started it in 2003 was a call to action it was a call to action to provide dignified comprehensive education to at that time incarcerated adults we really needed to let the public the taxpayers as well as potential students know who we are our commitment to public safety our commitment to social justice and our.

Commitment to comprehensive education to people who have been underserved we needed to update our image we had a great logo that served us well the fact of the matter is it became dated and didn't represent who we are today we connected with several of the heads of departments and there was an immediate chemistry of excitement and commitment and partnership school graphic design at.

The academy art university is a unique opportunity for our students but I think we can also provide real value here the presentation by the students at the end of the semester that honestly was one of the highlights of my career with five keys they nailed it and it was done with such care and such sensitivity and talent many of the projects that our students are engaged in are commercial.

In nature so the opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization is actually affecting people's lives and changing people's stars that was a real eye-opener they had so many different presentations they had different logo presentations and how their to be used the correct font the correct coloring a5g swag can be used with the logo it really opened my eyes in terms of what.

Branding is without the graphic design program I wouldn't have even been able to come across this opportunity it's been you know quite the experience being able to you know put this out there for the real world to see and hearing that it's actually making an impact is something very special as we rebrand ourselves with our website as an agency that goes beyond just education that.

Provides a host of social services the logo is gonna help us get there no folks recognized to 5 G's is the AAU partnership with 5 keys is the personification of what's right about public/private partnership bringing the best of all worlds together for the greater good


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