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BCB Camp Bed

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Right off it after a really good quality tough camping go into the vehicle for quite a while now and it's loads out on the market but I didn't really want to get one on the fifty quid I didn't want to get it cheap much because I wanted some is gonna last something is tough so I finally found this I'll give you the measurements it's 38 inches by 9 inches.

It weighs 8 kilos so it's a heavy lump it really is but the trade-off is you get good quality and toughness let's get over to see what she looks like and what do like is these little clips in these are going back to the old-fashioned way things used to be done a long time ago this is so little don't go wrong there they're fantastic you can really swipe them up on a stay.

Tight and to loosen them you just pull them through it's so simple it's nothing plastic there it's going to break metal for me is always going in but also these scraps they're actually riveted to the frame so they're not going to get lost they're always going to be there so when you come to pack it away you're not going to be worried that you lost a strap and fast when you come across once.

You take them straps off there to end braces sit into one side for now and we just fold open once you just fold it open they just bend all around there too it stops and the same of the average but once you've folded up all our open the two ends all you have to do well you've got two ends and they're loops and the double stitched all you have to do is our in braces we had earlier took out of.

Bag you're just going to go inside thread the way through you've got these two abs plastic really written notice and allocate onto the two eyes in for the last section here I did have to use this model crowbar I should imagine in time these canvases will slowly start to stretch making it easier to clip on um you can use anything really as I said.

All online we just use that inside there just to leave it to pop it on you can use anything you like really just to leave bring it on I think this sort of design things like this I needed to do it it's always the last one spare for pain now it's the only compromise atmosphere essentially so let's summarize it's just under 27 inches wide so ideal for a large guy perfect white.

Boys your 18 inches it's a foot 1/2 off the ground and for me measurement is 37 and 1/2 inches just short 2 meters and it's like a 6 foot 6 foot 5 total there was information that I couldn't seem to find online now I've measured it set therefore if want to see the exact measurement to this so let's get a set up how you would out in the field.



Sarrienne Cousland • 1 месяц назад
You gotta be doing something wrong, there... I know the canvas will stretch in with use, but surely it doesn't require a crowbar fresh out of the packet? Bad design, I reckon.
Still, at least you got in some Gary Numan at the end, which kinda makes everything alright! :-D
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Frazer Miller • 3 месяца назад
Here’s a tip for you I used in Afghanistan for these style of beds.
For the end that’s difficult to fit, stand the bed upright. Place your foot over the end bar and lift the entire bed with the end poll remaining under foot on the ground till you are able to locate the eyelet over the nipple.
Hope that helps 👍 incase you don’t have anything to pry.
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Norman Callaghan • 7 месяцев назад
CROWBAR?, why?, fit one end piece then put the other end piece into the canvas, fit it into one side piece, then sprinkle water on the canvas. Leave for about fifteen/twenty minutes, you will see the the canvas start to sag, when the canvas has dropped you can then fit the last end piece. As the canvas dries it will return to be very tight in the frame.
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Marvit28 • 7 месяцев назад
Pulou a parte principal da montagem, colocar a segunda barra para esticar a lona é horrível, da última vez que fui montar a minha, por pouco não fraturei o dedo da mão... Desmontar, claro, sempre será mais fácil.
Minha opinião: Cama horrível.
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Greg G • 9 месяцев назад
Does the crowbar come with the cot
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Danno • 10 месяцев назад
i am 20.7 stone do you think it can hold me ?
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Stuart Elms • 10 месяцев назад
LTDanno360 yes mate. With ease.
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aaron collinson • 11 месяцев назад
Hi, I have two, for me and the Mrs. regarding getting the pole in the end, both mine have 3 adjustable straps underneath. just put bars in place then pull the 3 straps in. thought they were all like this?
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S1alker • 1 год назад
I tried a cot like this, but my mid back can't tolerate it. More comfortable sleeping on the ground.
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Lovely Jay • 1 год назад
Where can I buy this?
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Don Deaf • 1 год назад
+Don Deaf lambert pugoda please call me now want folding bed how much buy where address please reply sms want
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Don Deaf • 1 год назад
Lambert deaf want folding bed how much buy where address
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TexMex • 1 год назад
A tip to installing the last end piece. Get one end started and stand the hammock up on its end. Place your boot on the unconnected end while you raise up the cot. It will go on. In case you don't have a pry tool.
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Jack Green • 2 года назад
I have had 1 for about 2 years now and it has no got any easier to put up
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Gary rgj outdoors • 2 года назад
hi darren just thinking mate that when the frame goes or breaks dont throw it away you can pop the rivits scrap the ally and use the canvas for an a frame base just use the material as you would for an emergency stretcher you catch my drift atb mate
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Randy Watson • 3 года назад
Seriously concidering to use this for extremely hot summer night's. Makes the back much cooler than sweating on the matras.
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not quite long enough for me but I have had enough of air beds haw much are they.
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We had a bunch of almost identical cots growing up only they were made of wood and quite heavy.
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playa2323 • 3 года назад
Excellent video, 13 dislikes? they must be anti-campers!
I need a case like the one you go, mine is just as is with no case.
Bollocks! (not sure what that means, but it's a term used in the UK quite a bit).
I am going camping and fishing in Nevada for 6 nights, that cot is my bed for nearly a week! Lovely.
Cheers mate!
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Steven Szabo • 4 года назад
US Army issue cot copy. Funky, it's a knockoff! Damn, I should have held that back because now you have to give it away, lol. The best way to put them together is to stand them on their end, with one side of the cross bar in the hole, one side of the cross bar almost in the hole, then stand on the loose end of the bar and push the side of the cot with your body and lever the bar into the hole. Pretty quick and no tools required. Hope that helps.
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Outlander Bushcraft • 4 года назад
Hello funky ,these beds are great very comfortable , we,ve got a couple of them , one I got at a bootsale for a tenner , in perfect conditlon ,that was my bargain for the year lol .atb martin
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Andrew Krogman • 5 лет назад
I've owned the Spinifex (Australian) version of this for a couple of years & use it regularly. They are great. It's identical to yours except for how the end bars attach. 
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Dale Skidmore • 5 лет назад
Did you get one for the missus too Funky?
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