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what not to do with a Rav4

Опубликовано: 10 лет назад
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My bro inlaw taking his Rav4 for a swim at Lerdererg Gorge


Guy oh my god yard idiot now you see him and there he goes okay I think I'll be going home with Mark tonight five got it five that's really silly where's my handbag is it getting wet is my handbag getting wet it's on the backseat you're an idiot I told you not to do it no you're right.

This is nice one for YouTube what not to do when you follow driving you listen to your wife I'm recording it all don't fall in I can't believe you do this haha look at the water coming out and on this water coming any pond it kind of trickling out are you recording I'm just taking photos I'm just gonna walk.

Look at the water coming out of his car open the door stop in the back shall I stop recording now let's have a look in the car oh my god don't stop recording now so we could be embarrassed enough Oh


peter barber • 3 месяца назад
what do you expect from road tyres and 2wd
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tanking beast • 9 месяцев назад
Isn't the RAV4 all wheel drive
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Farm Dog • 1 год назад
Dumber than a bag of rocks!
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sonámbulo perdido • 1 год назад
Why do people call him idiot? That car is designed for that kind of land, and as a Toyota, it did it.
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_ZORIN_ • 1 год назад
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William C • 1 год назад
Bloody hell mate, now she’s going home with mark. You’ve blown all chances
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David Evans • 1 год назад
Ha Ha Ha! At least his lil RAV 4 DID IT! He's the man, his lil lady should be proud!
As for the negative comments...This dude goes out and DOES IT & gets it done! more than you do just sitting in a chair watching a video...lil. Underdogs rule. I have a RAV & they go 80% of everywhere!
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Алексей К. • 1 год назад
Тут был я ! ХУЙ
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20 below • 1 год назад
as a proud rav4 coupe owner I agree....
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Rex Wort • 2 года назад
Dont abuse your Rav4
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clarksonbarry • 2 года назад
What is a water trap?
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weilong Sinnhfkso • 2 года назад
are you seriously
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ARGO III Sailing Yacht • 2 года назад
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S ,L L • 2 года назад
idiot, that is all i can say.
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Pedro Couto • 2 года назад
Really... get a notion.
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Azureecosse • 2 года назад
I am surprised they never Hydrolocked this little engine.
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peter barber • 3 месяца назад
Azureecosse.unless the engine actually gets water in it should be fine
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Hirini79 • 2 года назад
what a block head
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The High Priestess - Connecting the realms • 2 года назад
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Билал ТВ • 3 года назад
Разъебал бы этого пидара ахуевшего
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伊東貴志 • 3 года назад
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